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Updates to SARDSAwareness.org.

We’ve done some housekeeping over the past week and would like to direct your attention to the following changes:

SARDs / IMR Map:

We had not updated the SARDs/IMR map for some time and finally took the time to update it tonight.

The SARDs/IMR patients reported to our site has since grown from 18 dogs to 40 dogs. You can see the updated map via this link: SARDs/IMR map.

You may have noticed that from patients #0018 and onwards, we did not provide the detail about the diagnosis on the map.  This is for a very good reason, which we do not want to disclose yet for another week or two.

The map has been zoomed out to show the international reports as well, as there are currently four (4) from outside the United States.

SARDs Treatment Costs

We’ve moved the SARDs Treatment Costs page, formerly under the SARDs / IMR Patients grouping, to be grouped under the SARDs / IMR Primer grouping.

This was to make additional screen real-estate so that we could accommodate a new option we plan to add in the next few weeks.

Oscar Mayer @ TBLR page was added.

For those of you interested in the progress Oscar is making with his weight-loss goals using his new treadmill, we have created a new page to share the results.  It’s appropriately titled Oscar Mayer at The Biggest Loser Ranch and can be found by this link:  Oscar Mayer @ TBLR.

To close this posting, we thought we’d post some amusing photos of Oscar wearing a set of Doggles that he received from his friend Diane.  Diane thought that the Doggles would help Oscar fend off the bright Californian sun in the afternoons, and might possibly help him to see better.

Oscar’s not saying how much it’s helping with his sight, but he keeps asking us if he looks cool and asks if he looks anything like Bono from U2.

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  1. September 12th, 2009 at 21:09 | #1

    I love the pics! Thanks much.

    I have a full time job now (congratulate or feel sorry for me) so don’t have as much free time. I’m getting caught up on all your Oscar, SARDS Info. I’ve learned alot from your site but like most the pics of Oscar, info about him, etc. It was fun to see him on the treadmill–no pain no gain—at least that is what they say…

    Thanks for some kind words about me I saw you write a little further back!

    Go Oscar!

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